• Olu Vandenbussche


Updated: Jan 31, 2020

#Hackmode is a fashion trajectory for youngsters in Roeselare (BE) aged 12 to 25. It was initiated by the open knowledge center Arhus. The program consists of weekly sessions on textile and fashion design with a focus on sustainable, low-budget techniques.

This week I showed participants how to transfer magazine cutouts on to totebags using nothing but an iron, baking paper and plastic foil! Design and model: Audrey.

Next sessions: every Wednesday from 1pm till 4 pm @ Hackpand, De Munt 6, 8800 Roeselare. All workshops free of charge. If you'd like to join, please get in touch: jasper.dejonckheere@arhus.be

#cocreation #fashiondesign #upcycling #zerowaste

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