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#HACKMODE2020: Turning T-shirts into Yarn

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

#Hackmode is a fashion trajectory for youngsters in Roeselare (BE) aged 12 to 25. It was initiated by the open knowledge center Arhus. The program consists of weekly, free workshops on fashion and textile design with a focus on sustainable, low-budget techniques. The aim of the project is to co-create a fashion collection and teach youngsters entrepreneurial, creative and soft skills along the way. The workshops are run by me and 'local hero' Syham Boutrahi, a 17-year old fashion student who followed the first trajectory.

This week we focused on cotton since we have a lot of discarded t-shirts lying around the workshop space. Cotton production has a massive impact on the environment. Just a few figures: it takes more than 2,600 liters of water to produce one T-shirt (!) and cotton farming is the fourth largest agricultural user of pesticides. We cut the t-shirts into strips, then pulled the strips taught making them curl up into beautiful, thick yarn. I then taught the youngsters some basic crocheting techniques. Next up: turning our yarn into marketable products. I already made this cute egg basket. :-)

Next sessions: every Wednesday from 1pm till 4 pm @ Hackpand, De Munt 6, 8800 Roeselare. All workshops free of charge. If you'd like to join, please get in touch with jasper.dejonckheere@arhus.be

#cocreation #fashiondesign #upcycling #zerowaste

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