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Learn how to design professional Surface Patterns in Adobe Photoshop
and Illustrator!

Digital Textile Design

Sustainable Textile Design Workshops

Discover cool techniques to pimp
your clothes or recycle leftover fabrics! 

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Design Bootcamps

Acquire the creative skills you need to become a Fashion Entrepreneur
and (co-)create your first
Fashion Collection!


About me

I'm a freelance textile designer and live in Gent (BE) with my husband and son.

'Manel' is my alias (I also do a bit of illustrating on the side) and refers to a flower that grows on Sri Lanka, 
my mother's native country. I thought it fitting since I love botanical patterns and being mixed race
has definitely defined both my work and identity. 
I'm always open to new collaborations, so feel free
to get in touch!



  • MA in Art Education, Luca School of Arts, Ghent (BE), 2020 - 2022

  • Masterclass Design for Impact, Luca School of Arts, Ghent (BE), 2020 - 2021

  • Drawing & Painting for Fabric & Textile Design, UAL London, 2018

  • MA in Textile Design, Luca School of Arts, Ghent (BE), 2002-2006

CLIENTS (workshops/lectures/design on demand... )

ARhus, Budalab, City of Ghent, Enabel, Faber Makerspace, Industriemuseum Gent, Junior Argonauts,
Museum Texture, 
SLAC, Syntra, Timelab, V+, Stichting Vrolijkheid (NL)

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My mission

To promote digital textile printing as an affordable,
flexible and environmentally friendly alternative
to other commercial printing methods.
To guide, inspire and promote emerging design talent.
To bridge the (digital) design skills gap.



'De basisopleiding digitaal textielontwerpen is inspirerend, pittig en gebald. Zowel leken als professionelen vinden er hun ding als je een beetje gebeten bent door de grafische vibe.'


Jan Caus,

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'Als ontwerper verval je
na een tijdje in vaste gewoontes. Door de opleiding digitaal textielontwerpen kreeg ik nieuwe impulsen en ging ik thuis weer experimenteren en tekenen.'


Martha Van Cutsem,

grafisch designer


'Dankzij de cursussen die ik bij Manel volgde, rijpte bij mij het idee om professioneel print designer te worden.

Wat mij echt dat extra duwtje gaf? Het enorme vertrouwen
dat Olu in haar begeleiding meegeeft. Geen vraag is teveel, altijd staat ze voor je klaar!'


Klaartje Busselot,
founder of


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